Mr. Corazza Goes Down with the Faculty in Senior Basketball Game

Nicholas Black, Writer

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After an absolutely horrendous first half performance in the student and faculty basketball game by English teacher Justin Corazza, he left the game with an apparent shoulder injury. He was last seen running off the court crying while holding his shoulder. Many students were skeptical of what happened because he was untouched before he ran off. A major theory going around the school was that his performance was so atrocious he simply broke down crying and ran home. In a interview with star track athlete Liam Lynch he stated, “Mr. Corazza came in on Monday feeling fine.”

Many students have caught onto this lie and are disappointed in Mr. Corazza’s quitting mindset. If he quits during a basketball game what’s going to stop him from quitting on his students. When he was subbing for a gym class on April 25th, 2019, he tried to show students photoshopped pictures of his shoulder injury and made up a whole fictitious story of how it took 4 hours to get his shoulder back in place.

Now it is time to get into Mr. Corazza’s poor performance. All during the first half of the game Mr. Corazza was getting tossed around. Students were having their way with him in the paint and on defense. Mr. Corazza was shut down physically and emotionally. With 0 points going into halftime he was defeated. Mr. Corazza has zero confidence left and no determination to go out and play in the second half. So, his only option was to fake a shoulder injury. Liam Lynch states again in the interview, “It’s really just sad that he is faking these injuries when people like me are going down with a real dislocated shoulder.” Liam brutally dislocated his shoulder in an intense game of pickleball this past week. Mr. Corazza’s decision to fake an injury like this is absolutely horrible.