CHS Senior Wins Good Citizen Award


Sam Potash, Writer

Bridget Dineen, a senior at Cranford High School was presented with an award called the Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizen Award created in 1943. The award is about recognizing individuals who possess specific characteristic. Out of hundreds of contestants the award for the Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizen was presented to Bridget after she wrote an essay about preserving American history, after going through the selection process won the national award, she will be presented the award in Washington DC this June.

When asked what inspired her to write this award winning essay she stated, “I was inspired by a trip I took last spring to Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson that he designed himself!”

With the inspiration taken from a historic landmark she began the essay that had to meet specific qualifications which are characteristics of good citizenship, leadership, patriotism, and dependability. In her essay Bridget discussed how history, “…has been the pursuit of mankind since the begging of time.” Explaining how mankind has been able to come so far by looking back at what our ancestors did before us. Bridget understands and shows the importance of preserving history, so that everyone can learn from the mistakes made in the past, “ Now, Americans must tackle the challenge of preserving our American heritage while acknowledging the injustice of the past.”

Taking on her unique approach, and allowing the judges to see how she views the importance of history is exactly what earned her the Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizen award. When Bridget was told she would be receiving the award she explained the emotions she was experiencing, “ I’d say my emotions were surprised that I was the winner of the state and then the whole nation, and also pride and thankfulness to those who helped me.”