CHS Hallway’s 101

Hallway Etiquette For Dummies

Maia Pryor, Editor

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 Four years is a long time to be walking in the Cranford High School halls (get me out!) which is why I chose now to say something. After all of my experiences and seeing literal injuries due to the hallway etiquette I figured now is the time to say something. 

There are scared and unsure freshman walking slowly to read the room numbers, at times there are obnoxious sophomores who are just happy not to be freshman but still block the hallway waiting for class. The Juniors who frankly are walking zombies due to their workload, and the excited and mostly relaxed but not yet free Seniors. Since walking is something most of us do in the hallways here are some potential improvements to be made about the way we do it.

With all four classes clashing and knocking into each other between periods it gets a bit chaotic. People walk too slow people walk too fast and frankly there is absolutely no system to the Cranford High School hallways.A senior (anonymous) recalls a time of actual pain describing “I was about to pass the door to go onto the next flight of stairs and this kid swings the door (on the wrong side) so hard and hits me in the head that I got a concussion” I don’t know about you but I really don’t think we need to be getting injured by innocently walking the halls.When I walk in the halls I don’t want to get decked in the shoulder by a freshman’s,very large, backpack or have a close call with a door because someone went through the wrong side. A lot of the hallway etiquette shouldn’t have to be said but with the crowd I go to school with I think the lesson is in order. 

The right side of the hallway is the right (correct) side to walk on as well as the doors on the right side. No one needs to collide their face into anyone’s chest (shout out to my fellow short people) and no one needs to have a door nearly smack them on their way to English. There is a lot of unnecessary colliding, decking, checking and clashing in the halls, the reason being no system. If we want to prevent this hallway anarchy we have to talk about this.

 I know coming into high school can be nerve racking especially if you don’t know where your class is but it doesn’t hurt to pop your head in a classroom and ask the teacher where it is. If you ask an upperclassman at Cranford high school you’re literally asking for the wrong directions (I love the fifth floor pool!). As a Sophomore it is exciting to no longer be at the bottom of the “food chain” but let’s not block the halls like a clogged artery. Go into the classroom and sit at your desk like a student is supposed to do unless the door is locked, if you’re leaving a class and you want to talk to your friends either wait or move to the side.

When it comes to Juniors I think everyone is still pretty excited about being an upperclassmen but in a more calm approach. Staying up late and handing in that English paper is a valid excuse to be tired but if you’re going to walk like a zombie at least wait till you get to class to sleep (just kidding). Now, for my fellow seniors I know we all feel pretty high on life to be on top but we do go to school with other people. When we line up for open campus during lunch we have to have some sort of opening in the line or move to the side of the hall where we aren’t all in the middle. People need to move and get places so I think it goes without saying that the open campus line needs some modifications.

High school overall is pretty confusing and  full of anxiety the first couple years. And I realize the proper way to move around the halls is probably the last thing on anyone’s mind but it had to be said. Walking on the right side and going through the right door is the way to do things. Common courtesy is a thing people! Let’s make it work and have less traffic in the halls and less injury due to human collisions.