The Deal with School Parking at Cranford Highschool

Will Students Ever Get the Privilege of Having their own Parking Lot?

Sarah Fletcher, Writer

Many schools in this area contain a parking lot for students attending, but at Cranford Highschool, that is a different case. At Cranford Highschool, there are many mixed emotions on the parking ordeal that occurs at the start and end of the school day. Students have no choice but to park on the side streets surrounding the school, due to the absence of a parking lot. Teachers have their own parking lot, but if students are found parking in their lot, they will be asked to move. Finding a parking spot in the morning can definitely be a challenge, especially when you can only park on one side of the street each day.

In order to achieve a decent parking spot close to the school, students must arrive around 7:20-7:30 in the morning. If students fail to do so and decide to get to the school any later, students are bound to be walking far distances to get to the front doors of the highschool. Students value their sleep highly, so having to arrive to school 40 minutes before the start of class can be frustrating for many of them. Students that are driving to school are also newly licensed and only beginners. Having to parallel park and get out of tight spots can become an issue and concern for many. Many students can accidentally hit or damage other colleague’s vehicles trying to maneuver out of tricky parking spots. A parking lot large enough for students and staff could definitely be beneficial at Cranford Highschool.