How Nba 2k20 Is An Unfinished Game


Brandon Bellrose

On September 6th 2019, NBA 2k20 came out on all platforms. NBA is a game that is made every year by 2k sports and it is a game based off of the NBA. When the game came out on Friday, September 6th it was unfinished. The game came with many problems. For starters , the servers on the game were atrocious. I was unable to get into the game when it first came out because the servers wouldn’t let people through . There was an error message that started coming up saying that there was trouble connecting to the 2k servers. Also the game was very slow. NBA 2k20 had one of the longest loading screens of any game I have ever played. Another reason why this game is very poor is because of the price . This game will cost you anywhere from $60-$100 (depending on the version you purchase). Once you purchase the game, then you have to purchase currency to get better . Overall this game is not financially pleasing  especially because the game came out unfinished. Finally the company 2k false advertises. The community manager also known as Ronnie2k talked about things that would be in the game that were never put in the game when it came out . For starters, he said that you would be able to get all of your currency back that you put on a player that you made to make him better and respec him if you didn’t like the way he played. When the game came out, there was never an option to “respec” your player. Overall I give NBA 2k20 a 2 out of 5 stars because of the poor release.