It Ends…Kind of


Julia Ramirez, Writer

Two years after the release of “It” and 23 years after Stephen King’s It, ‘It Chapter Two’ has finally hit the big screens. The group of seven teens that were tormented the first time around have reunited in their hometown Derry, but this time as adults. Pennywise the Clown has emerged from a period of inaction and is ready to bring his psychological manipulation and immense fear back to a new generation, but unfortunately in the same small town. Like many others, I’m sure you are expecting more stomach-churning and terror filled scenes than the first movie, but sadly that is not the case at all. The first half of the movie, about an hour and a half, focus’ mostly on creating a storyline for the characters and recapping the previous “It”. It was a good approach since most horror movies don’t really have an introduction, however I feel they focused too much on it and didn’t incorporate a ton of horror into it. 

In all honesty, I feel the anxiety-driven scenes were pretty equivalent to those seen in the first movie and if anything disappointed a lot of watchers, since they were hoping for something suspenseful. Also since Stephen King wrote the book that the movies are based off of and is acclaimed for his suspense, there should have definitely been more of it. However if you’re looking for more of a story and something less nightmare-inducing, this movie is perfect for you!