The 4-1-1 on CHS’ Gala Concert

What is Gala?

Maia Pryor, Editor

A lot of people at school have no idea what Gala is. When I say Gala your first thoughts probably go to The Met Gala or you wonder what a Gala event is. The definition of ‘gala’ is “a festive occasion; celebration; special entertainment”. As someone who is a part of the Concert Choir, Madrigal Choir and Acapella group you could say I’m well versed in all things concert. The purpose of the entire concert is to show the town what they can expect from the performing arts for this school year. 

If you’re in any of the performing arts ensembles then you already know the nickname of the Gala is the “make it work concert”. For the 2019-2020 school year Gala was held on October 3rd, which is the earliest it’s ever been. We started school on September 5th this year which means the performing arts ensembles had less than a month to prepare. At least two songs per choir was memorized as well as band, orchestra, jazz band and marching band. Dancers and actors also partake in the gala shenanigans. We all put a concert on in less than twenty days! And for that I can say I’m proud to be so thoroughly involved with the performing arts at Cranford High School. 

Anyone is allowed to come to the Gala concert, it is free and you can leave any time you want (you won’t want to). The talent and professionalism that the Cranford performing arts exerts compares to nothing usually seen in high schools. Students are taught about professionalism and how to hold oneself in public as well as in classes. Many people in the high school believe that the performing arts isn’t worth the money or time. When you go to Gala and honestly, any other concert, you hear and see the talent that Cranford High School withholds. There is no winning or losing in the performing arts as compared to sports. But don’t get things  twisted, both sports and the performing arts hold a special place in some people’s hearts. Many of the students involved in performing arts play sports, one student (anonymous) explained “I love sports but I truly do love music, to be able to do both is an honest privilege and I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Because when a person is involved in performing arts ensemble is included as a class it saves a lot of time. Rather than having to come back to the school to rehearsal, students fulfill any questions or challenges they have in class. Any additional practices is purely for the teacher to fix any small things that they believe won’t be necessarily fixable in class. 

Gala shows the true gusto that Cranford High School has within it. It is a lot of stress and running around but that end result is truly something special. Performing arts at the high school is one big family, we all do the same thing too, perform. We were born to do this and gala and the effort we put into it shows how quickly we pick things up and turn them into an art.