Freshman Seminar? What about Senior Seminar?


Miranda Williams

Personally, I was excited for senior year; I thought we would get a break from all of the stress from junior year. However that is not the case at all. It hasn’t even been a month into senior year and I am extremely overwhelmed due to how much preparation is needed in order to apply for college. 

Coming from a family who has little to offer me in terms of help, I especially am very conflicted in terms of college. I would like to go to a university rather than UCC however there are many steps needed to take in order to let that happen. I am not sure what to do as my next step which can be pretty scary considering this is my future we are talking about. I am sure there are other students out there with this same exact issue. Some kids aren’t as fortunate to have such a giving, reliable family. This is why I am here to make a suggestion.

Does everyone remember freshman seminar? I know I barely do. That class was taken freshman year in order to learn about checks, money, etc. Yes that is essential to know about in our life, but we were very young when learning about all of that and I know I don’t remember anything from that class. So why not do something about it and turn that class into something useful? My suggestion is to remove freshman seminar from the curriculum (or at least make it optional) and replace it with a class for senior year (which can also be optional) in which prepares students for the steps that need to be taken in order to start applying for colleges. I know that this class would be extremely helpful for me because right now I feel a little lost. If some students don’t find this helpful or don’t need it, they simply don’t have to take the class.

This truly would be a very good class to have at CHS and could really make a difference in students lives. Hopefully this is something that can happen because it truly would be beneficial coming from someone who is very overwhelmed during this stage in my life. Maybe the teachers and staff could take this into consideration and help us students out.