Recapping the First Third of the NFL Season

Dean Manfra Jr, Writer

Through the first third of the NFL Season, there have been many surprises. The biggest stories covering the NFL is injuries. Injuries have struck NFL players at an outstanding rate, from quarterbacks to running backs which has fantasy owners worried. Some big names in football that have been injured are Ben Roethlisberger, Drew Brees, Mitchell Trubisky, Saquon Barkley, Cam Newton, and many more athletes. 

Image result for generic football  The backups to these star athletes had to take the stage early, as many rookie quarterbacks such as Gardner Minshew and Kyle Allen took the field. Minshew took the field week one after Nick Foles went down with a broken collar bone and since then has thrown for 1500 yards with a 9:2 TD/Int ratio. Through Minshew and Allen’s first 4 games, they’ve combined for a 6-2 record. Allen has turned the Panthers around after starting 0-2, going on a 4 game win streak with the help of Christian McCaffrey. McCaffrey has led the league in total scrimmage yards through six weeks averaging well over 150 total yards per game, a fantasy owner’s dream.

At the top of the league, there remains only two teams undefeated. One team from the AFC and the other from the NFC. The New England Patriots from the AFC are 6-0 and the San Francisco 49ers are 5-0 from the NFC. The New England Patriots have had the easiest schedule through their first six weeks, unlike the 49ers who have been playing harder competition each week. The patriots are set to play three legitimate teams this regular season as they have an easy ride to the playoffs, The 49ers play in one of the best divisions in the NFL, as they seek to win their first Super Bowl title since the 90’s.

Through a third of the season, Patrick Mahomes has thrown for the most passing yards at 2104. Matt Ryan is solely in the lead for passing touchdowns at 15. Chris Godwin leads the league in receiving yards and touchdowns with 662 yards and 6 touchdowns. The leading rusher with 618 yards is Christian McCaffrey and Aaron Jones leads the league with 8 rushing touchdowns. This season has taken a wild turn so far as there have been so many injuries, and it is very exciting to see what occurs in the coming weeks.