NBA 2k20: Behind the Flaws and Addictions


Joseph Meola

How do you spend your down time? Maybe it’s throwing on comfortable clothes and watching your favorite series on Netflix. Or it could be curling up in bed and blasting a tune through your headphones. But is it putting on a headset and screaming into the television at your virtual MyPlayer?

If the answer to that question is no, you are not a part of the millions of gamers across the globe that make up the NBA 2k20 community. For many though, the game is not just a way to settle down at night, it is a live competition against other devoted players who are also trying to win just as bad as you are. So how do the digital ballers become so addicted to the game? Brandon Bellrose has the answer, “the game gets hyped up over time” he says “also it releases at a time where nothing else is really out, so it’s the only thing to play,”.  Though maybe the only game out, gamers continue their grind throughout the year, “When you get bored of other games 2k is a game you can always fall back on,”.

2k does come with its hardships though, as players find a way to glitch the game and boost their player. This comes at the aggravation of players who grinds for their success. “It makes me feel discouraged because they are better than me and they didn’t work for it,” avid 2k critic Parker Melchiorre explains. This is not new however, as hackers and frauds have been around since the earliest stages of the game. 

Through all the trials and tribulations of 2k for the players attempting to succeed in their make-believe basketball careers, the one that reigns supreme is lag. Those who play any kind of online-multiplayer game have almost definitely experienced this frustration. Lag, the gaming nightmare, occurs when your wifi connection might be weak or jammed up, causing your game to spike or temporarily skip moments. When asking Parker how it affects gameplay he exclaims, “it is impossible to play through, one of the worst parts about the game,”. Due to the fast pace style of gameplay 2k features, even the smallest bit of lag can be detrimental to you and your squad.

Even with all of these flaws players still find themselves logging back on night after night to compete with friends or strangers in what is truly a fan favorite video game. Lag or not, one thing remains certain for online hoopers across the globe: 2k is here to stay.