Standardized Tests Shouldn’t Determine Your Future


Miranda Williams

We all know what the PSAT is, along with the NJASK and PARCC. We also can’t forget about the ACT and SAT. I’m pretty sure no one enjoys taking these tests; at least I know I don’t.  

These tests are stressful, overwhelming, and time consuming. Students spend weeks and maybe even months preparing for these tests and sometimes don’t even get the outcome they were expecting. This makes students question their academic ability and makes them upset. Yes, there are tutors out there to help with techniques and tricks on these tests, but they are extremely expensive and some families can’t afford that. Without these tutors, kids study basically all on their own, which leads them not to do very well.

I feel very strongly about this; these singular tests should NOT determine your future and where you’ll end up. I know that for me, I am a horrible test taker. However, that doesn’t mean that I’m not worthy of getting into a certain college. It’s that for me, sitting in a room for almost 5 hours with hundreds of questions is a lot to handle and I can’t retain all of the information that well. I personally don’t think its fair to be scored on this and have it be something that can potentially lessen your chance of getting into college.

Instead, I think that these tests should be done once a year for more personal reasons. Each year you take for example, the PSAT, and see how much better or worse you do. This way, you can get the exact help you need in each specific topic and learn from it. In my opinion, there is no need to take the SAT or ACT and send them to colleges because that is one test you took. What if you were having a bad day and happen to do bad on the test? That could’ve been distracting you and causing you to do bad. That doesn’t mean you’re not smart; there are many factors that could affect what score you get on these tests. Maybe as a whole, these tests don’t sound that bad but it’s crazy to think that if say one student got a 1450 on the SAT but does average in school and another student got a 1050 on the SAT but does a little above average in school, that the first student would potentially get into a better college. Not everyone is a good test taker; especially when it comes to these kinds of tests.

To conclude, I think something needs to be done because these tests do not define how smart you are. Everyone is different and deserves a fair chance getting into their dream college.