Happy Hauntings, Area 51: Is this Halloween?

Elise Tanenbaum, Editor

Every year in late October, the senior class hosts a haunted house inside the high school. The halls and classrooms are transformed into spooky settings according to the theme of the house. The theme for this Halloween season’s Happy Hauntings is “Area 51”. The seniors are supposed to represent the creatures escaping Area 51 when it got invaded.

The idea initially received backlash from the class of 2020, but students are finally beginning to accept it and come up with ideas about what to dress up as. This year’s Happy Hauntings event will include zombies, aliens, scientists, and more. This approach at CHS’s reigning senior year tradition is different than ever before. It’s not your average Halloween, scary movie, haunted type of theme, but if played off correctly, could work in entertaining the young kids who come through the haunted house. 

The participating students are expected to supply all of the spooky decorations needed for happy hauntings. This can get pricey, and students also have to buy their costumes. The issue with this year that came up was the cost of costumes. Every year, the people in happy hauntings wear generally the same thing. They wear a ripped white t-shirt with fake blood splattered on it. This is probably the easiest costume to make, ever. Wear any bottoms, and any shoes, and accessorize according to the theme. These accessories are usually easy to find because it is October and the theme is usually generically Halloween oriented, but this year students are having to find things that make them look like aliens, which is harder than it seems if you’re looking for more than just the alien ears headband. Most students, though, are opting for the zombie costume, to keep the ripped, bloody, white t-shirt theme going.