The Planing of Happy Hauntings

Brandon Lago, Writer

Welcome back cougars, as you already know this week we are getting ready for spooky season with this years happy hauntings. If you haven’t already known happy hauntings is a school event taking place in cranford highschool which is a senior hosted and ran haunted house that takes place on October 25th at 7pm-10pm and October 26th at 6pm-10pm. 

In the past, we had themes ranging from cursed circuses to haunted toy stores and every year we as seniors try to one up the past class by putting out a concept and putting out a terrifying event for everyone to enjoy. This years theme for happy hauntings is area 51 and don’t doubt that this year is gonna be jam packed with all the extra terrestrial spooks and jump scares you can imagine and more. 

This year however, the planning of this event is a bit messy. In the way that during the meetings it’s mostly just people complaining, not knowing what they are doing or, people who are having a panic attack thinking of what they are gonna do. I personally think the handling of the situations and the questions during the meetings should be handled with more of a direct answer then the student council just working around them. I don’t know how much stress they are under personally but from my perspective, I think that this is one of the most unorganized events that I have ever been apart of.

In this haunted house I’m doing special effects makeup and I’m personally excited. I’ve always grown up loving halloween and making my face even more terrifying than it is now. In my highschool career alone I’ve been 2 demonic bears, 1 possessed school boy (which is pretty much a demon from how I did it) and now this year… let’s just say it involves lots of pushpins, fake ones of course. 

Even though I have doubts in the planning of the event itself, I still think that it’s gonna come out great and is gonna come out great and you’ll enjoy experiencing the event as much as we had planning it out. See you there cougars.