Open Campus

Kristen Bellrose, Writer

Open campus is an opportunity for seniors to be able to leave during lunch and study. They are able to obtain open campus if they met all of their requirements for junior year. Some of these requirements include doing the brag sheet and keeping up your grades. Open campus is easy to get but it is also really easy to be taken away so it is important to follow the rules. For example, you can get your open campus card taken away if you misbehave or you are late coming to school or back from lunch. Open campus is a great opportunity for seniors to go out to lunch and be with their friends or just go home to each lunch. It gives them an opportunity to do homework or talk to teachers rather than going after school. It also helps if you have study right after lunch or at the end of the day because sometimes you have two hours for lunch or can leave early from school. This helps a lot if you have things to do right after school so that you have an extra hour to do whatever you have to do. Having open campus gives seniors a lot more freedom and they are being trusted by the school that they will follow the rules. It also helps students with their time management skills because they need to come back a reasonable time to park so that they can walk to school if they are parked far away and still get to school on time. Overall, open campus gives seniors a lot more freedom and is something they should continue to do.