The College Process: Ups and Downs

Chloe Carracino

The college process for seniors can be pretty long and tough. For some, they have all of their applications done by August 1st, and were able to apply early and already found out where they got in and where they didn’t. Others are in the midst of the application process now, trying to reach the Early Action deadlines that could be as early as November 1st. Some students who know exactly where they want to go have been applying Early Decision to ensure their spot at their dream school. It really just varies from person to person. 


The athletes are all committing to their schools to further their academic and athletic career, and those who just are not quite sure what they want to do yet are waiting for Regular Decision, in which their deadlines may not be until February or March. Everyone is different. The process causes a lot of stress for students from trying to figure out all of the community service they have done, write a perfect essay, and do as many college visits as possible. The feeling of turning in all of your applications is so relieving and feels like a ton of weight is lifted off of your shoulder.  After applying, there is just a long waiting period to find out if you got in to the school or not. Overall, the process is not horrible, but it takes a lot of time, dedication and work in order to apply to all of the schools you want and hopefully get in to some! I am sure every senior is looking forward to the end of the year when everyone knows where they are going and what they are doing with their life. I know I am excited to find out where I will end up and where all my friends will be going to school!