The After Math of Happy Hauntings

Brandon Lago, Writer

Hello cougars two weeks ago the cranford high school seniors put together this years happy haunting’s haunted house. During that week I talked about my experience in the planning of the event with my doubts and issues with the planning of the event. Now a few weeks after the event took place I can say with confidence that the event was a success with very little injuries with few exceptions. 

The event took place in cranford highschool involving the main hallway and rotunda, the courtyard and both of the cafeterias. And all together this created the staging ground to express the theme of area 51 through all the aliens and zombies we can get together. 

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I was in two groups during the two days of the event in two different rooms both having a zombie theme. During the first day of the event I was a zombie in the large cafeteria. In it we had a strobe and green glowing light that gave the entire room a creepy and chaotic feel with all the lunchroom tables standing up and aligned to give the “tour” to pass through. During this day I would have been found sitting in a yellow garbage can jumping out at people and screaming them in their face as loud as I possibly could. One time I even jumped out too aggressively that the garbage can tipped over and all you would see is me slamming my head against the floor with such a loud slam that more people got scared from that then me screaming at them. Which made me feel kinda embarrassed but people got scared so that’s all that mattered.

Now day two of happy hauntings that’s when things got a bit rough. My voice was completely gone from the night of screaming before and I had to do it all over again. Except that night I was in the small cafeteria. I still was a zombie and this time I wasn’t hiding in a trash can. 

Overall happy hauntings was a success and if anyone reading this is gonna start senior year next year, I definitely recommend being part of it. You scare friends family and staff for free with your peers and then get money for your prom that year. It’s harder to say why you shouldn’t really.