Seniors – Longer Lunch Period?


Miranda Williams

Seniors at CHS get the opportunity to have open campus if they are eligible. This allows students to leave the school for their hour lunch. In my opinion this is an amazing privilege of being a senior because students get a little break in the middle of the day from being in school.

Let me emphasize of the world LITTLE break. Yes of course leaving for lunch is awesome; however the hour truly feels like 20 minutes. By the time you walk down to the rotunda, give your opencampus card to the people waiting at the door, walk to your car wherever it is parked, and drive to your house, you already lost about 15 minutes. Then you still have to eat and leave at a decent time in order to find parking back at the school and make it to the next class on time. I am lucky enough to live 2 minutes away from the school but imagine living on the other side of town? I really think it’s unfair and it kind of defeats the purpose of leaving for lunch at all. 

Seniors should at least have an hour and a half to two hours of lunch everyday. We genuinely need a longer break during the day in order to be ready for the next classes we have ahead of us. This would truly benefit all of the seniors because it would provide them with more time and less stress. We already get stressed out enough in school as it is; we don’t need more stress on top of all of that, especially in lunch.