The Beautiful World of Shane Dawson

Elise Tanenbaum, Editor

I hope everyone recalls The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star we talked about earlier this fall because we finally have the answers we wanted. The series released by Shane Dawson with Jeffree Star began with just the mere idea of releasing makeup together. The series ends with so much more under their belts.
The iconic pair ended up creating twenty-four items: the primary eyeshadow palette, a mini eyeshadow palette, six liquid lipsticks, a lip gloss, a chapstick, handheld mirrors, makeup bags, handbags, and a tracksuit. This collection was months in the making and built up in such a powerful way by the two influencers that all of their distributor’s websites crashed within sixty seconds of the launch. Nobody expected the release to be as big as it was. All of this information comes from the finale of the series, which came out recently on Shane’s channel.
Imagine you are putting out something that you are so passionate about, and 2.5 million people end up trying to buy it before it even comes out. This exact scenario is what happened to Shane and Jeffree.
In my opinion, the collection is beautiful, a masterpiece, and a work of art. I would buy it if the price point weren’t so high. The price is fair for what the products are, but even as a working high school student, I sadly cannot afford it! I do love a flawless eyeshadow palette, but the vibrant colors would not be worth me spending $52, because it wouldn’t be of use to me.
The most recent statistic we have received from Shane and Jeffree is 1.1 million palettes sold combined between the primary and mini palettes. This launch was a huge turning point in Shane’s career, and I think as someone who has watched him since the beginning of his channel, I am proud of him, and I think it’s safe to say that anyone else who watches him is proud of him too.
Shane has come a long way in his career. He began by making videos about trying new foods, and now he is in a whole different community of the internet. I hope Shane and Jeffree continue to work together in the future and come out with more makeup so we can watch them succeed and move forward in the world. I wish them the best in both of their careers.