When is it too early to start your Christmas celebration?

When is it too early to start your Christmas celebration?

Joseph Meola, Writer

Everyone has seen it, someone dressing up their whole yard with blinking lights, fake snowflakes, and large blow up dolls… in early November. “Christmas Season” has appeared to evolve over time by extending its period up to 2 months before the actual holiday. Where is the line drawn?

As of recently, people have been using Halloween as a benchmark to start their holiday festivities. Following the 31st of October, social media explodes with early Christmas spirit and reminders to people that the holidays are coming. This is mind boggling to me, call me the Grinch but 55 days in advance is way too much to start getting ready for Santa Claus to come down the chimney. Don’t get me wrong, I will sit around the fire humming Christmas carols sipping eggnog until the cows come home, but during the appropriate time frame. 

With a Christmas season this long we seem to be forgetting about Thanksgiving which in itself is one of the major holidays during the year. This taking advantage of quality time with friends and family is all a byproduct of getting too ready for Christmas too quickly. The Christmas season is something that should be cherished not rushed, and by doing so we are losing some of its magical feeling. 

In my opinion, Christmas season should start at the beginning of December. This gives a 20+ day cushion to get excited for the anticipated holiday without wearing it out. On top of this it allows people to enjoy Halloween and Thanksgiving without being overwhelmed with early Christmas distractions. When December rolls around though, Christmas spirit should be flooding into the streets of every neighborhood, town, city, etc. There is no issue with having extremely rambunctious and downright extreme decorations during this period, just make sure you save it for the right time.

So where do you stand? Should we be gathering our ornaments and decorating our trees several weeks before the actual date, or saving it until the holiday gets closer. Wherever you fall in this debate one thing is certain; in the words of singer Andy Williams, “it’s the most wonderful time of the year”.