Best and Worst Thanksgiving Foods (Italian Edition)


Parker Melchiorre, Writer

No matter who you are, what you like, or where you came from, Thanksgiving is a holiday that all Americans should celebrate and enjoy. Obviously, the factors that tie into a great thanksgiving are watching the Cowboys lose, spending time with relatives, and most importantly, eating a ton of food. 


Most people spend their thanksgiving munching on some dry turkey and obsessing over stuffing

(which I find to be overrated), when they could be enjoying a nice Italian meal filled with wonders from a variety of pastas to meat platters to every cheese you can think of. If Thanksgiving is about enjoying time with family, then why does turkey make its way onto the table for millions of Americans every year. 


Other than thanksgiving, name a time that you craved turkey, cranberry sauce, or stuffing. That’s right, you haven’t. That’s because these foods really aren’t that good, but they are a tradition that people like to follow to fit in. Wouldn’t you much rather eat some ravioli, manicotti, and spaghetti? 

If not, you’re a dweeb who eats chicken fingers every day and doesn’t know a good meal from garbage. Or, just please the whole family and make both the traditional thanksgiving food as well as the Italian ones like my family does. No one wants to let go of tradition, so I don’t see turkey leaving any time soon, but mixing in some Italian specialties will make the experience much more enjoyable. 


For desert, I will admit that I enjoy the pumpkin pie, so I’ll give some leeway there, but you gotta top it off with some cannolis. 


Thanksgiving foods are overrated, so make the switch to an Italian meal and do it the right way.