6 Weeks into the Lakers 2019-2020 Season


Brandon Bellrose


The Lakers are off to a great start. The Los Angeles Lakers are currently being led by LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Their current record is the best in the league standing at 15-2. The Lakers are a beautiful team to watch. If there is an open man on the court, LeBron makes it his mission to put the ball into their hands. The team has had a few injuries but nothing that they can not handle. Currently, Avery Bradley and Quinn Cook are out with minor injuries. Also one injury that could impact the Lakers in a major way is Anthony Davis’s shoulder injury. Davis has been playing through a shoulder injury for the past couple of weeks. At least once throughout every game he starts holding onto his shoulder after going up for a block or trying to catch an ally-oop. Personally I think Davis should sit the next few games out before he gets a season ending injury because the next few games that the Lakers have coming up are not tough games. That means that the Lakers should be able to get the job done without him and this would give him time to rest. The Lakers are going to need to have a full healthy team by the time playoffs come around and playing through injuries is only going to make the team worse. The team all around is playing the best that they can as of right now. The only thing they need to do is watch the amount of turnovers that they have a game. Looking back at the games that have been close or the two games that they have lost in the beginning of the season, turnovers played a big roll in the loss.