Week of Inclusion

Elise Tanenbaum, Editor

Last week was National Inclusion Week. To celebrate this, Cranford High School held a homeroom one day. Our pride leaders were sent to each homeroom. In the homerooms, the pride leaders gave a little background about inclusion week and showed a video. The video, entitled “Ian,” told a story about a little boy who is in a wheelchair and wants to play on the playground with the other kids.
Each time Ian would try to play with the kids, he would dissolve and fall apart until he was back in his wheelchair outside of the playground. All of the kids would laugh at him every time. They would laugh because he is not able to pick himself up like all of them can. No matter how hard he tried, he could not stay in the playground, and he was always pulled back to his wheelchair.
One day, he pushes his wheelchair into the fence and appears on the other side without it. He is standing, but when he tries to walk, he falls. He gets up again, but the other kids are already laughing at him, whispering to each other. His wheelchair begins to pull him back, and he tries his hardest to resist. He gives up and goes through the fence, but a girl grabs his hand to pull him back in. The other kids join in an attempt to keep him in the playground, and once he is dragged halfway, all the kids go through. Ian appears in his wheelchair, while the other kids appear standing up. Ian seems to be embarrassed. As all the kids seem to accept that he is in a wheelchair, the fence that separated Ian from the kids begins to dissolve.
From this video, students learned the lesson that we should be accepting of others. If we are supportive of others, we can break boundaries that don’t need to exist, and we will be more peaceful overall.