Sierra Canyon Trailblazers

Dean Manfra Jr, Writer

Many of us grew up watching LeBron James and Dwane Wade play with each other in Miami. We watched them win a couple of championship together as well. But as time passed, we watched Dwane Wade retire last season as LeBron plays for the LA Lakers. As these names are very popular, new names are on the rise in Sierra Canyon.

LeBron James’s son, Bronny James, along with Dwane Wade’s son, Zaire Wade teamed up together this past offseason and play highschool basketball for Sierra Canyon in Los Angeles. The media immediately hyped this up, it was all over sports center. Major television channels like ESPN broadcast these games live, growing the hype.

Early in October, the Sierra Canyon Trailblazers had their first game, featuring James and Wade’s sons as teammates for the first time. Both are currently freshman on the team and are still finding their way up the lineup. Other popular names in highschool basketball from the LA team is Brandon Boston Jr. He led the Trailblazers to the win in the first game, outscoring Rolling Hills Prep 70-48. Boston Jr led the team with 18 points and contributed to an outstanding second quarter, scoring 26 as a team.

However, the biggest names from the highschool team didn’t live up to the hype. Bronny James was held scoreless and Wade scored seven points. Coaches from Sierra Canyon weren’t too worried about these numbers, as they took a positive outlook on their performances. Overall, these two young highschoolers have plenty of time to show the world what they can do. They will be practicing together for the next couple of years and prove to the NBA scouts if they have what it takes to be like their fathers’.