Instagram takes away likes – for the better or worse?


Miranda Williams

When a picture is posted to instagram the main thing most people are worried about is the likes. People think that the amount of likes they get determine how good they look in the picture/who truly likes what they posted. I am guilty of this, however I think that it shouldn’t be this way. Likes are just a number and shouldn’t determine whether your picture is worthy or not. It’s honestly sad how social media affects us all like this.

Very recently instagram decided to take the likes away on posts. This way no one can see the exact amount of likes other people get on their posts; only the people that posted can see. At first I thought this was a bad idea but thinking more and more about it, I think it’s very smart and beneficial. People are constantly worried about who is liking their pictures and sometimes if they don’t get enough likes in a certain amount of time, they delete the picture all together. This isn’t how instagram should work. People should post their picture without likes getting in the way of it. Everyone should get to express themselves however they want without anyone else opinion affecting that.

I truly think this update will be very helpful for people, including me, because it will cause less stress and worry and will not affect any posts that are being made. Overall, I think now people can start posting what they want without any other people interfering with how they truly feel about it.