Got Spirit?

Julia Ramirez, Writer

During the week of December 16-20, spirit week will take place in anticipation of the pep rally. Since there was thought to be no rally last year, this years is highly awaited. This is not something that every school has, so it is nice to appreciate what we do have here at CHS. 

To start off the week, Monday is Pro Sports Day. Everyone is encouraged to dress in their favorite player or team jersey and it may be for any sport. Tuesday is Candy Cane Day. Dress in red and/or white to resemble a candy cane or go above and beyond and come in in a costume. Wednesday is Holiday Hat Day. This includes but is not limited to santa hats, elf hats, reindeer ears or anything festive that lights up. There are many other options, but listed are a few to encourage your participation. Thursday is Ugly Sweater Day. Wear anything from something you made to something you went out and purchased. Finally, Friday is Class Color Day for the pep rally. Seniors wear black, juniors wear white, sophomore wear blue, and freshmen wear yellow.

At the pep rally there will be six challenges to compete in. To sign up, see one of your class advisors. The first event is the Snowman Building Contest which requires six volunteers from each grade. The object of this race is to be the first to dress your designated person as a snowman. Following this will be the Ornament Relay which requires five students. These students will compete in a relay race where they have to balance an ornament on a spoon without dropping it. Next, is the Candy Cane Toss where six students have to battle to toss the most rings around the candy cane. The following challenge requires one boy and one girl from each grade. The Half Court Shot, one of the harder competitions, is won if your team scores the most shots out of the two. In most cases it’s whoever makes it first, if at all. Next, nearing the end, is the 3 Legged Race which requires eight students. First team to make it back to the start line wins points for their class. The last event of the rally, the most anticipated, is Tug of War. Ten students from each team will go head to head until only one is left standing. 

The pep rally is a fun way to start winter break, as we have a half-day that day as well. It gives us students a nice break from work at the end of the day and brings everyone together. Most people don’t know everyone in their class, so overall it allows the classes to bond and work together to be named champion.