The Next Step For Xbox

The console wars persist as Xbox reveals the first of several next-generation Xbox consoles. What is Xbox offering in this new era of console gaming?


Matthew Chan, Writer

At The Game Awards 2019, Xbox revealed that their first next-generation console, the “Xbox Series X”, will be released Holiday 2020. Business Insider recently talked to a Microsoft representative who revealed that the Xbox Series X is only one of the several models Xbox has planned for the next generation. This is the first information in awhile that Xbox has released about their plans for the next generation of Xbox consoles dubbed “Project Scarlett”. Following the reveal of the new model, a graphics demonstration was shown to display the processing power of the console. Executive Vice President of Xbox, Phil Spencer, claims that the Xbox Series X will be their “fastest and most powerful” console and will set it a new standard for console gaming. In contrary to Xbox’s previous models, several exclusive games have been confirmed to be in development for the console. Other information such as price of the console and exact release dates have yet to been announced.

Microsoft is not the only video game company who has their eyes set on the holiday season next year. Sony plans to release the PlayStation 5 during the holiday season of 2020 as well. As the Xbox Series X is the next step in console gaming for Microsoft, the PlayStation 5 is likewise the next step for Sony. Representatives from both companies have boasted the in-game performance of the consoles. No specific specs have been released to support these claims, but third-party developers for these companies have made similar statements. Though not much information is know about Xbox’s new step in the gaming industry now, fans realize that a substantial amount of information will be released from Xbox in the coming year.