Rating Coffee in Cranford

Brandon Lago, writer

“A really good cup of coffee doesn’t have to break the bank”

That’s something that I hear often but the thing about it is that in Cranford, the amount of overpriced bitter coffee in this small town is insane to me. Don’t get me wrong if you prefer an acidic coffee packed with sugar and milk then by all means go wild. But I personally love a smooth black coffee or a sweet iced coffee packed with espresso shots. Something about the vibe that a cafe gives off makes you feel productive and relaxed at the same time, but of course cafes like that usually costs an arm and a leg even for a small.

So here’s my list for my personal favorite coffee orders from a large array of places.

  1. Cafe Teasia – 1 S Ave E, Cranford, NJ 07016

Lets start off this list right with my personal favorite cafe in town. The overall mood of this cafe is always calm and comforting with a really clean and muted feel that anyone could sit at a chair and instantly feel like they can write a novel on the spot like in the movies. And the best part about it is that the coffee is smooth with little acidic kick back which makes it hard to not order another.

Overall if you want a cheep cup of coffee that’s worth every cent you pay then this is the place to go.

My personal order that I get most of the time when I’m there is a caramel macchiato with 3 added espresso shots (but that’s because I just love the taste of fresh espresso that they grind on the spot.)


Image result for track 5 coffee cranford nj"

2. Track 5 coffee – 5 Eastman St, Cranford, NJ 07016

This coffee shop is probably the most well known cafe that isn’t owned by huge corporation, but none the less definitely deserves a try. their coffee is always solid and a favorite among my friend group, not only that but their breakfast sandwiches and pastries are also delicious. But the main thing I hate the most about this cafe is the prices of their coffee. Most of their specialty coffees are packed with sugar and on top of that the price of the food and drinks are crazy. Most of my trips their, I spend almost 20 dollars for medium cup of coffee and a sandwich. That alone makes me stick to my more affordable options but I always do like the comfy vibe that the place gives off.

My personal order: Plain black coffee