New Years


Brandon Bellrose

It’s that time of year again. The New Year has officially begun. Say goodbye to 2019 and say yellow to 2020. This is a big deal not only because it’s a new year but also because it is the end of the decade and the start of a new one. People see the new year as a way to kick start their lives. People want to improve their lives, and make it better than it was the prior year. At the beginning of every year people decide to make these New Year’s resolutions that will turn them into a better person and make them feel good about themselves if the resolution is achieved . Everyone challenges themselves in many different ways . Some people may try to improve how they view themselves or they may try to use social media less . We all view the new year in many different ways . The new year is a good way to also change relationships that you have. There may be a conflict between two people and they would wanna go into 2020 with a clean slate and in order to do that they find a way to resolve the issue that is between one another .It is the start of a new year and the opportunity for a new beginning and hopefully this new year impacts everyone in a positive way. Everyone should go out and do whatever they want this year and stop holding back.