Should Gym Class be Mandatory?


Miranda Williams

Gym class is something that has been in students lives since basically forever. Growing up, we had recess and once elementary school hit, we had gym class. This wasn’t an optional class; it still isn’t in high school. As a matter of fact, students are required to take a gym class all 4 years of high school. Yes, some may love gym class as they think of it as a way to get their energy out and maybe sometimes even try very hard in that class. However, I know that in my opinion, I could be doing so much more productive things in that one hour.

What would be ideal for me at least in high school is that gym should be optional. If you don’t want to take a gym class, you could take a study in replacement of that period! This way you could be catching up on work from all your other classes rather than being in a gym class that you probably aren’t participating in anyway. Not to mention, athletes are very active already and usually have their sport almost everyday, so they are already getting their exercise for the day. If they don’t want to take a gym class, they shouldn’t have to. This isn’t to say that gym class should disappear altogether; of course there will still be those kids who will always love gym and will still take it. I just think that personally, I could be doing better things in that time.

Overall, I think that schools should really take this into consideration because I think it would genuinely benefit some students and make their lives a little simpler yet still proactive.