Cranford Wrestling’s Six-Peat

Elise Tanenbaum, Editor

Over the weekend, the Cranford varsity wrestling team traveled to Union High School for the Union County tournament. The team was going for their sixth consecutive Union County title for the wrestling program. The line up was strong and Cranford was hungry for this win. 

The team entered the gym around nine in the morning and wrestled all day. 

Cranford finished the long, treacherous day with 244 points in the tournament. During awards, they were named to be in first place and presented with the title of Union County champions. Winners from Cranford included Evan Kanterman and Justin Alpaugh-McLean. Evan is used to this winning streak, as he has been on the varsity wrestling team since his freshman year and is now a senior, along with fellow senior Patrick Kalnins. Justin has not been with Cranford all four years, but is still used to the winning feeling.

The teams continuation of the title for the sixth year in a row must have felt amazing, due to the lack of success in other sports this year so far. The legacy of wrestling hopefully will continue to live on throughout the next couple of years, as some wrestlers we have in the younger classes are on the come up to being as amazing as their senior counterparts. Throughout the wrestling season, fans gather in the hot gym to watch the crazy matches. Students love to go to the matches and cheer on their classmates, especially when it’s a home match and the crowd for Cranford is stronger and larger than the opposing teams. The rowdiness of the wrestling matches when Cranford is winning is an unmatched energy that is truly in a different world of crowds than even our football games.