Elise Tanenbaum, Editor

Midterms and finals can be extremely stressful. The best way to handle midterms is not general, it must be found on one’s own. Every learning style is different, and the same goes for studying. The way that one person studies back to back to back to back for seven tests is different than how you may study for the same eight tests.

Personally, I think the weekend in between the exams is crucial for me. I need a reset button. After studying for and taking four exams, I need a break before studying for and taking three more. Some people did not sweat through the exams that went Tuesday through Friday last June. Personally, I struggled to get through those four straight days of test taking. Now I know I would struggle, so prior to exams I began preparing my study materials. I gathered all of my notes the week before, making Quizlets and study guides for myself before I had to actually review the information so that I was ready to do it when the time came and did not waste any time the night before the exam. 

I know what you’re thinking, that I can’t expect to do well when I began studying the day before an exam. But for me, that is what works. It’s hard to recall information I learned weeks ago when my mind is cluttered with every bit of information from every other class I take. So, to compensate, I focus on the two exams I have the day before them because I can remember everything easier.