The Terror of Midterms

The Terror of Midterms

Madison Flynn, Writer

As the end of the semester nears, the frightening thought of midterm exams lingers in the back of the minds of the students at CHS. Being a senior, you have the privilege to be exempt from semester course midterm exams if you obtain a 90% or higher overall in the class. This is a perk that students look forward to throughout their years at CHS. Overall, it helps to motivate the seniors to stay engaged in their classes and strive to obtain good grades despite their lack of motivation. 

Midterms are an extremely stressful time in the lives of high school students. These exams are given annually to test the knowledge and memory of the students. There is no correct way to study for a midterm exam, it truly depends on the individual and the course itself. The following questions arise every year: are midterms really necessary? Is it fair to test a student on information that they have learned over the course of the last five months? 

At CHS, two midterm exams are given each day and each exam is two hours long. Is this the most effective way to administer midterms to students? Students struggle to cram all of the information they have learned this year in the week leading up to midterms as they are drowning in review sheets from each class. 

Personally, I strongly believe that midterm exams are unnecessary and only heighten the stress for high school students. In addition to this, I believe that midterms do not increase the knowledge of the students, but rather just have them memorize the information for the exam that they will soon forget again. All in all, if midterm exams were not present at Cranford High School, I feel as if the happiness of the students would significantly increase at this time of the year.