Midterm Week

Kristen Bellrose, writer

As midterms are approaching this week, it is a very stressful time for students at the Highschool. Midterms this week start Thursday and Friday, and Monday and Tuesday. Having the weekend in between midterms gives students the opportunity to study over the weekend and not cram everything into one day of studying. For freshmen especially, they have not experienced what it is like to have to take two, two hour long tests for four days. For sophomores and juniors, it isn’t as stressful because although they are taking different classes, they have been through the process before and they know what to expect. The information that is on the midterms is everything that the students have learned from the beginning of the year until now. It is stressful for some students because it is hard for them to gather all of their notes and worksheets since the beginning of the year, and study everything at once for a two hour exam. For seniors, this is a less stressful time because if the student is taking half-year courses and has a 90 or above in the class, they are excused from taking the midterm. People that are taking full year courses, have to take the midterm but can be excused from the final if they have a 90 or above. This is a privilege for seniors and gives them the opportunity to have a long weekend and relax. Overall, I think that midterms is a good idea because it breaks up the information. I think that if it was just one big final at the end of the year it would be way more stressful on the students.