The Effects of Social Media and Phone Use In High School

Maia Pryor, Editor

Phone use is at an all time high. Parents giving their five year old the iPad because they don’t think they have anything else to entertain them with. Trust me I’m not trying to say that everyone is addicted to their phones and act like I’m any different. The first thing I do in the morning is check my phone,and see what everyone is up to. What I’m trying to say is, will our phones take over completely? We socialize through them, are entertained by them, and are overall connected by them. 

Checking your phone every five minutes and having a ton of notifications is overwhelming and can make you feel lost. Following hundreds of people and not being able to keep track of what goes on in each one of their lives is overwhelming; we are overwhelmed. Phones although entertaining and useful in communication causes us to be numb. We react to something funny with air coming out of our noses and a smirk if we haven’t completely turned into a robot. We depend so much on our phones, especially when it comes to socializing, today we don’t know how to hang out normally without being on our phones it can feel very detached and for some people, lonely. The purpose of all of this is just to gravitate your attention as a reader in today’s world towards the damage and not always positive outlook on phones. 

Phones of course have their benefits in easy communication and locating a destination with ease. With these easily accessible abilities it can be hard to keep track of what you feel as well as how you’re supposed to feel. Phones in general can be damaging towards mental health, it distracts from real life. Because of phone use you can be blocked in the way you perceive information from people or feel down on yourself because someone’s life looks to be doing better than yours. Social media which is a main outlet on a phone can serve as a way to mentally beat a person down. It makes people’s lives look so much better than they actually are, resulting in that same person comparing themselves to the fake version of themselves posted online. Through comparing oneself to others or another version of yourself people can begin to feel very lonely and forgotten. The comments, likes and follows can embody the way that someone values themself and with comparison if those numbers are lower than others then they may feel obligated to dislike themselves. 

As a whole phones hinder the ability for people to truly communicate and be mentally healthy and social media demotes the way someone may value themselves because of comparisons of  others social media accounts and the way that people portray themselves online as well as in person. Most if not anything that people post online is real so for the purpose of mental health, take care of yourself and take a break.