Why Don’t We Have Parking? : Life Would Be Much Easier


Alexa O'Brien, Writer

Every morning students are rushing to get to school to get the “best spot”. In order to have a close spot, people try to come to school between 7:15 and 7:30. If you take up more than one spot, don’t be surprised if there are notes left on your car or people mad. Everyone should get as close as possible to leave room for everyone else. Everyone leaves school at the same time, so don’t worry about being blocked in. Many people park extremely bumper to bumper to others to get a spot, and are able to fit in very tight spaces and still be close. You can get tickets if you park on a yellow line or on the wrong side of the road because of the even and odd parking days. In my opinion, you should be able to park on either side everyday so everyone can park closer to the school. There is nothing worse than getting to school and having to park far. If you park on Spruce, you should also beware of the lady who comes out to yell at you if your “too close” to her driveway. As more and more juniors get their licenses, the less spots there are which is why you should try and get to school early for better parking. After lunch, you should also try to get back to school early enough to get a good spot once again. On the even days, there is more parking because you are able to park on both sides: The High School Side and the other side with the houses. If you get back late, you may have to park far however there are also some more spots because people have 2 hours and stay home longer. One thing there should be at Cranford High School is a parking lot for students. If there was a parking lot for students and everyone had their own spots, there would be less trouble in the morning to find a spot, no one would be getting mad, and everyone would have the same advantage as being “as close” as possible. This would be fair for every student, and most schools actually have student parking lots. All in all, try to get to school early for good and close parking!