Mornings Would Be Less Stressful With a Parking Lot


Jules Renna, Writer

Unlike other high schools, Cranford does not have a designated parking lot for their students. Instead, students are expected to park on the streets near the school and follow the parking schedule. On even days, students can park on the left side of the road and on odd days they can park on the right. If these rules are not followed, tickets will be given. Since there are not many spots to take, juniors and seniors must come almost an hour early if they want a spot remotely close to the door, otherwise they will have to take a very long walk to enter the school in the morning. Also, students can not park too close to driveways otherwise the residents on the side of the school will get mad at the student, but this makes it even harder for people to park legally. In my opinion, this is extremely unfair especially because many surrounding towns have their own specific parking spots in a big parking lot, so why should Cranford High School be any different than other schools? Not having a parking lot causes a number of problems that stress the students out, which makes it even worse for students because they are also stressed about school work. For some students, coming to school an hour early is out of the question because they need as much sleep as they can get because of how much school work they have at night time. However, even when students arrive at school at a normal time, 7:30/7:45, minutes and minutes will go by as they are driving around looking for a place to park. When they finally get their spot at 7:55 and then walk into school, the bell has already rung. This makes the students late to first period which will then get their open campus privilege taken away for the day, which means they will not be able to leave for lunch or early after school. The students are getting penalized when it’s not even their fault! Overall, having a parking lot would solve many issues here at CHS and would be extremely beneficial.