Dealing With Vaping

Ian Spurr


21st Lit


Schools and Vaping

Vaping has become a big epidemic in today’s society. Especially for young adults and teens. They even do it during school. Especially here in CHS and the school is trying to cut it down. I personally think the schools way of doing it is stupid and annoying. This may be biased but here’s two reasons why I think it’s stupid and annoying.

First is the vape detectors placed in the bathrooms and the cameras outside the bathroom. Whenever a student vapes and the detector senses it, it will send a notification to the principal, vice principal, and to teachers in the bathrooms proximity letting them know that someone’s vaping so they can go stop the vaping. But if no faculty is in the proximity the camera will show video of whoever was in the bathroom at the time. But what if you’re a student in the bathroom that’s actually trying to use the bathroom. But it just happens to be that you’re there at the wrong time. You still can get in trouble even though you did absolutely nothing. 

Secondly is the teachers placed outside the bathrooms. It’s not them being placed there that is the problem. It’s when they go into the bathroom for no reason and look around. Like the detectors and cameras it doesn’t matter if you’re vaping or not. If they walk in and someone else is vaping while you’re in there you can still get in trouble. Also the teachers will just kick you out of the bathroom.

Now what happens if you are or not vaping and you get in trouble. Faculty will give you detention or suspension and the school can and most likely will make you get drug tested. What if you’re a really good student that happens to be in the bathroom. They can get in trouble and it could ruin their permanent record. Also it can get them in trouble at home for no reason.

That it my opinion on school and vaping and what the school’s doing to deal with it.