How to not Lose Open Campus


Jules Renna

At Cranford High School, we have a system called open campus, which is where students can leave the school depending on where their study hall falls. In the middle of junior year, students are given a form to apply for open campus. The student returns the form to the main office and in the middle of summer they will receive a letter which determines whether or not they are approved for it. This policy applies only for seniors and none of the lowerclassmen. Since we have block scheduling, the study hall for each student is in a different spot each day. When study is right next to lunch, the student has a two hour break in the middle of the day. When it is in the morning, they can come in late and when it is at the very end of the day, they can leave early. The first approval for this is junior year, absences have to be under 14 (7 each semester), gpa should be above 2.0, you can not have too many lates or behavioral problems. Once students have this privilege, it is difficult to keep. Students have to be back at the school at a certain time, and if they are not back, their “open campus card” will be taken away and they will receive it the next day. If a student is late to school in the morning, the card will also be taken away and the same thing will happen. I do not think this is fair because we already have a lot to worry about trying to find a parking spot in the morning, and if we get privileges taken away by being late to school it will not teach us anything. What I have learned in my experience, if I can tell I am going to be late to school, I may as well just not come just so I don’t get my card taken away from me. One more restriction is that if students do not bring their paper slip back when they come back from open campus, the card will be taken away again. This is a very tough system for students to remember each and every restriction. At any point in the year, the privilege can be taken away from a student. This usually happens when students break the rules that got them approved for it in the first place.