How to Keep Yourself Occupied During Quarantine

How to Keep Yourself Occupied During Quarantine

Nick Macnab, Writer

Quarantine can be challenging for everybody right now especially with the urges to go outside. As humans tend to be social animals being isolated is hard and creates boredom. Here’s a list of things you can do to keep occupied during quarantine.

For starters movies or tv are an effective way of taking your mind off the quarantine. You should preferably watch from streaming services due to TV networks only playing replays of old shows for the time being unless of course you enjoy repeats. The second thing you could do and is personally one of my favorites is play video games not only will you pass the time but you can play with almost anyone now because so many people are home millions are logging online to their Xbox’s, PlayStation’s, and PC’s. 

The third thing you can try is reading! Yes I know a lot of people think reading is boring and yeah it can be boring but try an audio book. Audio books are better at holding on to your attention span. You can listen to it throughout the day to pass time. A fourth option is cleaning your house. Get a start on that spring cleaning and clean your closets, bathrooms, and basements. Cleaning your house will feel like lots of work but in the end you’ll feel accomplished with a sense of pride.

At the number five spot we have working out. I think everyone should work out for at least 15 minutes a day while they are cooped up inside their houses.

Here’s a description of some small exercises you can do everyday 

Day 1 Shoulders
Shoulder lifts
Shoulder shrugs
Shoulder press

Day 2 Triceps
Skull crushers
Dumbbell incline
diamond push ups

Day 3 Biceps/Lats
Bicep curls
Forearm curls


Day 4 Chest
20 each set
Diamond pushups
One sided pushups
Wide pushups
Regular pushups
dumbbell incline 

Day 5
Calf raises
Wall sit 


For all these exercises do as many reps and sets as you see fit (these are not for the long term)

In conclusion there are many things you can do in the comfort of your own home. Please stay quarantined, stay safe, wash your hands, and enjoy your time home.