The Inside into Small Businesses/Resturaurnts During the Pandemic


Walking into that one restaurant, smelling the warm air, the owner greeting you at the door, as you sit down, and get ready to order your favorite meal. It brings a sense of family and community by having loyal customers as well as a friendly and abiding staff to keep that alive. You get all dressed up in your new outfit, make yourself look all nice to go out and have a good time with your family or friends.  Everyone looks forward to going out for a good meal, but this all seemed to change as a new reality caused by the Corona Virus headed our way. No indoor dining. How were small restaurants supposed to compete? How are they supposed to run off only pickups and deliveries?

With state regulations putting restaurants on hold amid the pandemic, it was predicted by the NY Times that 75% of independent restaurants would not be able to make it. This is a large majority of restaurants across the globe that were predicted to go under because they were not able to run their restaurant as they would have hoped. With only pickup and delivery being allowed starting in March left many people without jobs. Restaurant employees were once a need in order for a business to survive especially on the busy weekends. But with governors deciding not to go back to the normal way of how restaurants used to function there was not a lot of hope in the small business community. Not to mention, restaurants did not want to come back to doing pickup and delivery because they did not have enough money to even pay their employees. Waitressing, which was once a decent job to make some money was now gone, they were no longer needed. And the restaurant industry as we once knew it, would now forever be changed.