MLB Debuts New Playoff Format


This is the new playoff bracket.

Christian Hulse

      Out with the old and into the new, the MLB will be showcasing the second round of their brand new postseason format on Monday, October 4. This new and improved playoff format will feature more games than any other previous postseason and all games will be nationally televised. Unfortunately over the past decade “America’s Pastime,” viewership and rating have drastically dropped. The main reason why the rating and viewership has dropped in baseball is because of rules that were put in place in the early 2000s where it did not allow people to post or share videos without being copyrighted by the MLB. These rules did allow for the MLB to make a lot of money short term but has shown long term to take a huge hit in MLB marketing and more specifically marketing their big-time players. MLB has tried to help their viewership by putting in rules that would speed up the game, one of the biggest complaints is how long the games are, but unfortunately the ratings are still down after these rules were put into effect. 


      However, this new postseason format is MLB trying to reach a larger audience and trying to save their dying game. Unlike many other postseasons, all games will be national televised which will avoid blackouts in locations. Furthermore, instead of only 12 teams making it to the postseason an extra 4 teams will make it which will result in even more games being played. Lastly, the MLB has changed their Wildcard game approach instead of only a winner takes all game the MLB has changed it to a best of 3 series where all teams will be in the wildcard and there will be no first-round byes as previously seen in past postseasons. Overall I personally think this will end up helping the MLB because all games will be nationally televised which in the past was a huge issue because the only way you could get all games was by buying a package for $250. Furthermore, this will expose even more people to the game as well because of the nationally televised games. Overall, the new playoff format is very similar to the March Madness-style as it is almost shoving games down peoples throat but personally, I think that this will work as more and more people are going to be aware of the postseason games.