Thanksgiving During Covid-19

Sarah Iredell, Writer

During a pandemic, anyone and everyone is at risk for getting Corona. The effect of the virus on highschool students is less severe than for our families and grandparents. If you kicked back this Halloween without masks, consider the following tips to keep your family safe!

Thanksgiving dinner. Roasted turkey garnished with cranberries on a rustic style table decoraded with pumpkins, vegetables, pie, flowers and candles; Shutterstock ID 1192275073 (Shutterstock / Alexander Raths)

Low Risk Celebrations

Even if you don’t think you have been exposed, getting tested will help you make important decisions about how to spend your holiday. The lowest risk holiday celebration you can attend is with your immediate household. Black Friday shopping can be done online, many stores are encouraging online shopping. Sports events, parades, and movies can be watched on streaming services. This will allow the virus to stay contained within households and with the people you are exposed to everyday. Celebrations with extended family can be done over zoom calls.


Moderate Risk Celebrations

Gathering outdoors or in a place with decent ventilation will lower the risk of the virus spreading. Having an outdoor celebration with family and friends will put you at a low risk. Attend small gatherings or activities where people are wearing masks and sanitizing. 


High Risk Celebrations

Unfortunately, continuing to partake in events and celebrations with no precaution for Covid-19 will allow the virus to spread. In order to stay safe and end this pandemic, it is important to stay away from high risk gatherings. Having thanksgiving with family and friends inside is quite dangerous. Taking part in Black Friday shopping will put you and everyone else at risk. Participating in races are traditions for many on thanksgiving, but being in or spectating a race will put you at risk.


It is understood that people want to see their family during this hard time. If you are considering attending or hosting a moderate to high risk celebration, try to avoid coming into contact with anyone 14 days before the gathering. Encourage friends and family to bring masks and hand sanitizer. Avoid coming into direct contact such as hugs or handshakes. Wash your hands and avoid touching the commonly touched surfaces. For example, avoid sharing a butter knife or serving utensils.

It is frowned upon by the CDC, but it is understood that high school students gathered in large crowds without masks and social distancing on Halloween. Instead of being scolded for this, it is important to take extra precautions and try your best to make sure you and your families are healthy.

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