Joining the CHS Computer Club is a Great Way to Learn New Things, Have Fun, and Volunteer

CHS's Most Tech Savvy Club


Mikos Panagakos, Writer

One of the most unique clubs in the school is the Computer Club, hosted by the Computer Honor Society. While the name is an easily tell for its topic, the actual activities done by the club are less obvious. The club has weekly meetings, organizes community service, and runs fun events throughout the year.

Meetings are run every Thursday in L314 after school and last an hour long. The meetings consists of a lesson about a Computer Science related topic that are not taught in the school. Presentations are created by the officers of the club and include simulations of real world example of the topic. This year the club has discussed topics such as cryptocurrency, A.I. ethics, and video game history. These lessons culminate in a contest of knowledge given at the middle and end of the year about the lessons, along with a coding assignment. The winner receives a prize out of the prize box, filled with various tech, merch, and accessories.  At the meetings, upcoming events like fundraisers and Hackathons, 24-hour coding events where people compete to create something new, are also announced.

The community service aspect of the club is also a great opportunity for students to get service hours and do some good for others. The clubs most common service is helping the residents of Atria Cranford with computer problems. Student assist them with things like email, fixing their phones, or teaching them how to make a word document. The residents are always extremely grateful to the students for their help and some even give out recipes to thank the students. All in all, it’s a really fulfilling way to fulfill service hour requirements for an honor society or just to help the community. One of the fun events run by the club that began last year is midnight gaming. After School the club goes into the small cafeteria and plays board games for hours. There are food and raffles as well, and the event is open for anyone in the school to attend.

Overall, the Computer Club is clearly one of the most amazing clubs at CHS.