Handling Senioritis

Jackie Romeo, Writer

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It is that time of year where seniors are still in it to win it and applying to colleges, have gotten into college, or know what they’re doing and have just completely checked out. Those who have checked out are known to have a case of “Senioritis.” I most definitely have a severe case of senioritis. I am planning on taking a gap year next year, and I go to VoTech in the morning so I have a pretty easy schedule. I am just about ready to leave and I am giving the bare minimum effort in order to pass my classes. So, I have come up with a few tips and tricks to help cope with senioritis while still passing.

  1. My first tip is to still stay focused and attentive in class because this will help with the headache of going home and worrying about what was said in class and if it’s going to be on the next test or not. If you pay attention in class then you will know what you have to and you won’t have to worry about it at home, and most likely you will still do well on the test/quiz 
  2. The next tip is to try and get as much homework done in class as possible. If you have any down time in school, get the work done. Homework for most classes is such a grade booster as long as it’s completed. So, by getting it done in school you won’t have to worry about it at home so you can just relax and forget about school. 
  3. Don’t just completely give up now, there is still 3 more months left of school. Once June hits then you can tap out because it should just be smooth sailing, one fun thing after another. As for now just put in enough effort to get by, especially if you are planning to go to college next year because some schools still check your grades at the middle/end of the school year. If they see you flunked the last 2 marking periods then they are going to say peace out to you and then good luck getting into another school. 
  4. This one is very important and that is to still be respectful of your teachers and school staff members. A lot of kids think that after they get into college they don’t have to try and they get big headed and start to argue back and forth with their teachers because they think “hey what do I have to lose, i’m out of here in 3 months anyways.” As frustrating as school and teachers can be sometimes, it still does not give a student the right to disrespect their teacher. Just stay calm and collected and have a mature attitude about whatever the situation may be. 
  5. This is going to be my last tip and that is have as much fun as possible and really try and live in the moment the next few months. As seniors we have a lot of fun things to look forward to, so don’t do anything to jeopardize being banned from those activities. As much as we want to get out of here we cannot until our tassels move from right to left, so make the best of every situation. School is a grueling process, but there are still ways to goof around without having any bad consequences and just make it more fun. We only get one high school experience so make the best of it.

We’re almost in the home stretch so keep on pushing through!