Opinion: Block Scheduling

Val Ambrosio, Writer

This year for the first time in Cranford High School the school introduced block scheduling. Block Scheduling is when you have different classes everyday going from Day 1 to Day 4 then back to the beginning. Each class is 57 minutes compared to 43 minute periods in the years before and also taking the same classes everyday and there was no such thing as “Day 1” or “Day 4”. With block scheduling you drop two classes everyday. For instance, whichever period you start the day off with you would drop that class the next day. Also, whichever class you have right after lunch, you drop that class the next day.

I think that Block Scheduling is great. Even though the classes are much longer, it gives you a lot of downtime to get things done. For example, if you have a study hall during the day, that is a 57 minute study hall compared to a 43 minute study hall last year. It gives you more time to get work done that you need to get caught up on. A big thing for me is having lunch for 57 minutes. I remember last year lunch was so short! I would have to eat lunch so fast and there were three different lunch periods which made the lunches shorter than 43 minutes. Now with block scheduling the whole school eats lunch at once and you are allowed to eat wherever you want. Last year there was a senior cafeteria where only seniors were allowed to eat ad the Freshman, Sophomore and Junior students had to all eat in a small cafeteria where everyone was all crammed into the tables. Since the whole school eats at once they set up tables in the gym where you can sit and eat and underclassman are allowed to eat in the senior cafeteria, I mean I guess it isn’t called the senior cafeteria anymore.

In my opinion, bringing Block Scheduling to the high school was a great idea. It gives us students more time in the classroom and more time to get work done on our own time. It enables us to have more time in the lunchroom and more time to sit down with friends and talk about everything that is going on.