Bold Fashion Risks for Spring 2018

Jackie Romeo, Writer

Now that the warmer weather is finally arising it is time to get out of those old winter sweaters and into the newest women’s fashion trends. Spring is all about bright colors and new beginnings. Things outside are changing so this is an opportunity to change with the seasons. This spring has a lot of interesting trends in my opinion, and not all of them I am a fan of. These are the latest trends according to ELLE magazine. Keep in mind these are the fashions that have been seen on the runway, so they are not your typical everyday fashion trends. But, maybe if a fashion designer sees you rocking the trend then they will give you a compliment or applaud you.

1. Rubber
This is quite the bold move this Spring. The shiny material almost comes across as leather and could add as a staple piece to ones outfits.

2. Ruching

Another bold move. This design can accentuate one’s body to appear to be taller or leaner.

3. Lavender

Wearing this sweet light tone will probably have you feeling more positive and happy throughout the day. This color will probably attract more of a light hearted crowd drawn towards that particular person wearing this soothing color of lavender.

If you want to see more of this season’s trends, check out Elle’s Spring Fashion site. Who knows? Maybe something on this list to inspire you to take a bold fashion risk this spring.