Opinion: We Should Start School at 10 AM More Often!


Abby Giannobile, Writer

This past week the underclassmen had PARCC testing on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday and it was such a treat for us seniors who do not have to take it. Having class start at 10am rather than 8 AM made all the difference in my typically slow, tired school day. I actually got the recommended amount of sleep for once! Personally, I like to wake up two hours before class starts so I have plenty of time to slowly roll out of bed and take my time in the morning but that means waking up at 6 AM on regular school days. Being the farthest thing from a morning person, that is a painful hour to open my eyes and sometimes I find myself pushing snooze over and over.

But because of PARCC testing this week I was able to wake up at 8 AM! I got two extra hours of sleep and the sun was actually up when I opened my eyes! These two extra hours left me feeling fully awake and recharged in class. No more heavy eyelids or drifting off in the middle of a lesson. Along with that I had two tests in the beginning of the week and got A’s on both! I was able to focus harder because I wasn’t worried about trying to keep my eyes open. Overall, starting school at 10am and getting enough sleep made a great change in my school day. But if we can’t start school at 10 AM everyday, then maybe we should have PARCC testing more often…