Opinion: Dreading the Impending Heat Wave at CHS

Val Ambrosio, Writer

As we are coming to the end of the school year the temperatures start to rise. In about a month from now we will start to consistently experience 80 degrees and above. Unfortunately Cranford High School does not have air conditioning in every classroom throughout the school. When temperatures hit 90 degrees outside in the middle of the day, the classroom is much hotter hitting 100 degrees which makes it extremely hard to focus during class. Also while experiencing these high temperatures with no air conditioning comes breaking of the dress code. Students show up to school with tank tops on or short shorts, which breaks school policy.

I know that I do not learn as efficiently in a hot environment as I would in an air conditioned classroom. I think that our school here needs to do something about this issue. It is frustrating  to look at the Weather Channel, see how hot the weather it’ll be, and then thinking about going to school and then sitting in a 100 degree classroom for 58 minutes 6 times. Bringing fans into the classroom makes it worse because it blows the heat around and just makes everything hotter. Many other schools around us have air conditioning and it is upsetting that a big town like ours doesn’t.

The heat is excruciating in the building on the worst summer days. It would be great if Cranford High School got air conditioning to resolve this huge issue. Or at the very least, give us each a spray bottle with a fan attached to it.