Finding That Part-Time Job to Boost Your Bank Account

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Finding That Part-Time Job to Boost Your Bank Account

Jackie Romeo, Writer

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As a high school student one of the hardest things is finding a decent job. In Cranford we are very fortunate to have a nice downtown area with many shops and job opportunities. This is also a very family-friendly town. Depending on your specific interests there is pretty much almost a job for everyone. Keep a look out for places that have help wanted signs out front, or if your parents get the newspaper look at the job offering pages. Also, in our digital world, all you have to do is go online and look for job opportunities in our area. I have a list of job suggestions to look into geared toward different interests.

  1. Babysitting- For me, this is by far the easiest and highest paying job a kid our age can get. After the kids go to bed you are basically being paid to sit on their couch, and most families are generous and give you full permission to raid their food cabinets.  If you have kids in your neighborhood take a moment to talk to the family and let them know you are interested. Younger parents love to go out and are always dying to find a steady babysitter that they can depend on. Please note that you are in another persons home so you must be responsible and respectful.

  2. Working at a clothing store- If you are into fashion, and social media there are a few clothing stores downtown that you could be interested in. The most popular are Anthem, Augusta Mae, and the Cougar Headquarters. All of these places love to let their workers try on the clothes and model them to post on their own personal social media for publicity.

  3. Delivery boy/girl- This is probably the most popular for the juniors and seniors who could drive. The best part about this job is that you get tips. Most people are generous to tip you if they see you are working hard and polite. This could also be a fun job if you like to drive because you can be in the comfort of your own car playing music.

  4. Salon Assistant- This is probably an uncommon job, but if you are someone who is interested in hair, working as a salon assistant will give you some exposure. You would just have to focus on the upkeep of the salon and maybe even shampooing clients. This is another job where you get tips if you work on a client.

  5. Waiter/Waitress- Depending on the place, you have to be 16 to be a hostess and 17/18 to be an actual server. There are so many places downtown that require a wait staff. Most restaurants pay you below minimum wage, but you do get lots of tips.

These are just a few ideas that could boost your bank account while still attending school during the day.