Opinion: UCC’s EMT Course is the Most Important Class a High Schooler Can Take

Dan Gomez, Writer

In Cranford High School there is a large majority of students who are interested in pursuing a career in medicine. Many of those students go on to receive an EMT certification during their high school years through Union County College. Taking the required EMT course at UCC is even more popular with students that want to pursue a career in the business or science fields in the future. Any high school student is free to take the EMT course at the Union County College. The EMT course is a very challenging college level course that requires a lot of studying and focusing. You have the choice of taking the course either during the school year on weeknights or weekends. You can also take the class during the summer if your schedule is too hectic during the school year.

In fact, the instructors recommend that high school students take the course during the summer for a number reasons: you have a lot more free time to study, review, and do all the required assignments. Plus, if you take the course during the school year it is a lot more challenging since you’ll have to balance it with all of your regular schoolwork. I took the EMT course this spring and while I am happy that I took it, I do wish I had been able to take it in the summer.

I found the EMT course very challenging and rigorous my senior year of high school. For the spring semester course you had the choice of taking the class either Tuesday and Thursday nights or Saturdays for the majority of the day. I took the Saturday classes which started in the end of January to the beginning of May from 8am to 5pm.

During those 5 months my schedule during the week was extremely busy. I had my homework and projects for my high school classes, I worked 3 days a week, and had the EMT class every Saturday. Those 5 months included constant work and studying almost every day of the week with very little free time but I managed to get through it and do well in both my high school classes and the EMT class.

The EMT class at Union County College has instructors that are very understanding and very helpful with all students to make sure everyone understands the subjects and skills being taught. The course has a large number of instructors so that every student has a chance to gain help during skills practice. Something I found very helpful and well formatted in the class is the fact that the schedule of the class consists mostly of hands on skills practice. Every Saturday we would only have a maximum of 2 hours of lectures and the other 6 hours were hands on skills practice with the instructors. Because of the format, the class was actually enjoyable since students avoid the typical hours-on-end of sitting at a desk listening to one of the instructors lecture for a long time.

Another very helpful part of the class is that they give you so many different ways and tools to study and learn the subjects being taught with easy access online. There are tons of different practice homework, tests, and study guides. I definitely recommend the EMT course at Union County College to everyone because it teaches you many basic life skills during emergencies. You don’t have to pursue a career in the medical field or continue in jobs as an EMT in order to gain the knowledge and certification.